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Sweet Pea

Trigger Warning

Baby girl has been fighting for her life for the past week... today she said she was done and would be leaving to be with her sisters and all the other halfway huskies puppies up in heaven.

Before Sweet Pea left she expressed her concern about the feelings of the one who had been caring for her since the day she decided it was time to say goodbye and asked me to give her a message.

To Melissa,

Sweet Pea said to tell you not to worry about her and that she wasn't really supposed to stay long. She said that she was here to give us a little push and remind us not to give up on the dream that would free the tiny souls like hers from the darkness that creates them.

Sweet Pea also wanted you to know that she will be here always, just like the puppies you cared for before her but is mostly excited about the life she will live with them over the rainbow bridge.

She knows you are sad and for that, she is sorry, but she wants you to smile. She wasn't supposed to be here anyway so anytime you think about her, she will be there to remind you of her purpose, to drive you forward into your mission to save them all and prevent the tragedies we see all too often.

Finally, Sweet Pea said to let you know that she will be there waiting for you, at the rainbow bridge, where she will be gathering all the ones who are afraid, who didn't get to have what she had, a rescuer to see her through her darkest hours, someone to hold her as she crossed the bridge and someone to live and fight for her in life while keeping her purpose alive. She knows you will walk with them, and they won't be afraid anymore because with you they too are no longer halfway home.

My dear Melissa, we will see her again, we will see all of them again, someday, when we cross the rainbow bridge, but not yet, we are not done, for them we will get up every single day and fight, even when it keeps us up all night. For them we will find a solution, together, till they all have homes.

Rest in peace my Sweet Pea. Till we see you again. You. My little sweet pea are no longer halfway home.

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So so sad… great tribute you wrote though. I’m crying as these are the hardest moments to process reading the blog. Melissa….you’ve done a great thing in assisting her. But God had another plan. You folks always make me realize how hard rescue truly is on all of you!

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Linda Colby
Linda Colby
21 dic 2023

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Linda Colby
Linda Colby
21 dic 2023
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Rest in peace little one😭

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I am so sorry to hear this rest in peace Sweet Pea💔💔💔

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So sorry to hear this, this breaks my heart 💔💔💔💔❣️ RIP Beautiful Sweet Pea!

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