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Pay a $25 application fee, nonrefundable but will go towards your adoption fee once approved. Here is the link to do so:

We will call your references, your vet, call your landlord and check animal allowance in your city, review your proof that you are who you say you are. We will schedule a time for a virtual home check so we can verify where you live.

Background checks may be required.

Animal abusers need not apply.

We will be watching for you.

Adoptions at Husky Halfway House are a multi-stage process.

When you adopt a dog from us,

you become a part of our family. 

Once Pre-approval is done you will be required to pay a non-Refundable adoption deposit of $125, this is applied to your adoption total. This $125 adoption deposit becomes nonrefundable if you back out at any timebecause we have spent hours with you choosing a dog.

Next, we will discuss the details of your application and what you're looking for and go over your adoption potentials. This is where we match you with your next family member.

Onsite Adoptions are preferred but not currently required: Once you are approved, start making plans to visit, if you can. It is amazing to let your new best friend choose you to take him or her home. Transport all over the USA is available.


Pay Application Fee

Get pre-approved for adoption

Pay Adoption Fee 

Meet your new pack member

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Do we need fosters? Yes, but we do not run a traditional foster based program. Each husky that is rescued is brought to the rescue for rehab and vetting before placed into a foster home. Fosters homes are temporary families that help us find adopters in their area by posting on social media and communicating with interest families. We cover all fosters expenses. Fostering is truly the fastest way, next to adoption, to get these dogs into homes. 

Do We Transport? Yes, we insist! We would love for you to visit the rescue but if you cannot then we will bring the husky to you. We want to meet our families and know where the dog we rescued will be living. We transport all over the country so if you decide to travel and pick your husky up, we would like to stop by at some point to hug them and do an in person home check.

All of our Halfway Huskies are fully vetted before getting adopted. Our fees for adoption includes spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, flea/tick prevention, heartworm prevention and dewormer and the costs of care while they are at the halfway house.  

ADOPTERS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING THE DOG BACK TO US IF THEY CAN NO LONGER CARE FOR THEM. After all, we saved their life together and together we will MAKE sure that the husky will never end up in a shelter again or become at risk for death, neglect or abuse. 

Why do we charge an application fee? Every day that goes by another dog dies in a shelter. This lets us know you are serious and ready to adopt. You understand that the $25 fee will be applied to the adoption fee upon approval and you understand that if you are not approved, your $25 application fee will remain with H3 to cover the time and resources it took start the process and if anything is left over it will go to care for the dogs. If I flat out deny you before we even chat, I will refund it. 

What is the Breakfast Club and why do you have to join? The Breakfast Club is vital to the survival of the facilities that rehab these dogs. Instead of a traditional adoption fee, we ask that the families support us monthly with a donation of at least $25 for about a year. After that we would love to have your support for life and we shall do the same for you and the dog we rescued together. 

What happens if you can no longer keep your dog? You call us first. Please. There is zero reason to rehome the dog you adopted from H3. We are here to support you throughout the dogs entire life. H3 will do the rehoming. H3 chose to save the dog that you adopted and pulled him out of a shelter just hours from being euthanized. Please do not make us have to rerescue our dogs. We are here for you for life. Whatever the issue is, we can help. 

We don't require a fence. We have 6 foot metal bars surrounded by a 4ft concrete sidewalk and coyote rollers lining the top.. We will always meet the one husky that can jump it and have had many here that can. So we cannot require a fence. But, if you tell us that you need our husky to be outside unsupervised then we would require that you have containment solid enough to keep them safe. FYI, most huskies can jump a four foot fence. 

Are your pets spayed and neutered? Be prepared to give medical or valid reason why if your answer is no. In a world where dogs are dying by the thousands in this country every single week, no-one should be considering breeding their pets or taking the risk of pregnancy by not being spayed. If you refuse to spay and neuter your pet for reasons other than what a vet recommends then we are not on the same mission and you need not apply. 

Please email with any questions.

Meet the Halfway Huskies
click on their picture to learn more about each one

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Thank you for helping H3 save another life and for opening your home to a halfway husky.

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