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What gear is best for my husky?

The rumors are true - huskies are natural-born pullers and escape artists. For some, a basic leash and collar might work, but we have a few recommendations that will make your husky life a lot easier!

Martingale Collars
blue nylon martingale collar

Max & Neo is one of our favorite collar brands! They are one of our sponsors & they send us collars from time to time. Click the picture above to be directed to their website.

Most huskies will wear a size medium or large. Make sure to measure your husky's neck before buying. A properly fitted martingale should fit snugly below the dog's jawline.

We also recommend getting your husky a harness! Harnesses with 3 or 4 buckles tend to be the easiest to introduce your husky to, since they don't have to slip over the dog's head. We also like harnesses with a front clip for strong pullers. The front clip can help with controlling dogs that pull. (Disclaimer: just putting a harness on the dog will not cure intense pulling. You'll have to pair it with training for the full effect!) Click the photos below to be directed to our harness recommendations!

Poypet Dog Harness

Poypet Dog Harness

Blue9 Harness

Blue9 Balance Harness

ruffwear web master harness

RuffWear Webmaster Harness

Most leashes are fine for your husky, but we prefer leashes that are 1" wide.

Beyond collars, leashes & harnesses, we have a few other recommendations! Click the text links to be directed to products for each item.

Doggy Seatbelt (extra safety in the car!)
Light Up Collar (great for night time walks)
Long leashes (20-30 feet is perfect - added fun on hikes!)
Treat pouch (for training)
Harness-to-collar strap (keeps dog secure in case collar or harness breaks)
GPS collar (keep track of your dog anywhere, anytime)
Slide on dog tags (no more collar jingle & won't get snagged)

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