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Huskies at work

This isn’t just so we can have something cool or something convenient. There are 100+ huskies at H3! Many of them are rescued from backyard breeders, puppy mills and abusive situations. This is so we can solve the underlying problem!  Reduce surplus population until they all have homes!

Fundraising Goal


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Check out our Fundraisers.

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Bang Cookies

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Returning Soon

I can't wait to see how much everyone loves these giant cookies! That's right, GIANT COOKIES. We are partnering with Bang Cookies to bring you a taste explosion. Seriously, they have so many flavor combos. Are you drooling yet? I know I am. And the best part is that the huskies get 40% of each order!!!

Panda Express

We love our Panda Express Fundraisers so much that we do one every month. This is a nationwide fundraiser, so anyone in the U.S. can participate. All orders have to be made online or through the app for us to get credit. Each month we will have a new code for our pack members to enter during check out. So simple and easy to do. You don't have to cook for a meal and the huskies get 28% of the proceeds.

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Panda Express Fundraisers

Raise Right

This is by far the coolest fundraiser we have ever done! Know why? Because it doesn't have an end date! Join Raise Right under Husky Halfway House and any gift cards you buy earn money for the huskies! All year long! Tons of digital and physical gift cards available at a low cost and you don't have to leave your house? Plus, there are over 700 stores/brands to choose from!


Looks like everyone on my Christmas list is getting gift cards and chocolates. The enrollment code is FQT9N9QISN9H or you can follow the link below and it will automatically take you to enrollment with the code pre-populated.

See's Candies

Easter fundraising advertisement

Get ready to be the best bunnies this year by following the link below (or if you just want some candy and can justify it by helping the huskies, we won't tell anybody). They have a ton of cute boxes ready to ship. And if you aren't sure what to order, gift cards are available as well. That way the huskies still get the funds, but you can take your time deciding on your tasty treats.

Please note that candy will start shipping on the 20th.

See's Yum-Raising - Husky Halfway House Foundation - Husky Halfway House 

Fun Pasta Fundraiser

Remember, just because you are an adult doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the little things anymore. Support the huskies and eat cute pasta that comes in all shapes and sizes. They have vegan mac and cheese, protein pasta and so much more. 

Follow this link to start stocking your pantry with fun!

pumpkin shaped pasta
packaged pumpkin shaped pasta
pasta and packaged sauce


Help Husky Halfway House earn money for the huskies! They need more fencing to partition off additional space for them to roam. around and play.

Purchase delicious pizza kits, breadsticks and cookies that ship straight to your home. Store them ready to go in your freezer, for those busy after school days that are right around the corner. Or you can buy an awesome In-Store meal deal promo code that can be redeemed for hot pizza at your local store via their app or online. These are delivered to your email, don't expire for one year and you can share the codes with your friends and family. Just forward the email to share the gift of pizza!

Follow this link to our online store, Little Caesars H3 Fundraiser

Little Caesars Fundraiser to Support Husky Halfway House

Little Caesars Fundraiser

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