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Debarked Huskies

Since Husky Halfway House opened in 2019, we have rescued hundreds of Siberian Husky dogs. We have seen so much cruelty and abuse. But we have never seen this kind of cruelty. Selene & Sonja are two beautiful Siberian Huskies who were robbed of their voices. We rescued them in January 2022 and they deserve justice. They will never get to howl or talk their true husky language. They were subjected to a cruel and barbaric form of behavioral modification that causes more harm than good for canines as a whole.

The process of devocalization in companion dogs (also known as “debarking”) is a horrendous practice that most veterinarians see as unethical and inhumane. Even though many veterinarians refuse to perform the procedure, there are still plenty that will do this sick surgery upon request. Devocalization is a surgical procedure performed on dogs, where tissue is removed from the animal's vocal cords to permanently reduce the volume of its vocalizations.

1/24/2022: Selene & Sonja's debut TikTok video, the day our petition started.

Barking is a normal canine behavior. It is their means of communication. Dogs may bark in play, as a greeting, as a warning, to gain attention, and while working. Without their ability to bark, dogs lose one of their only means of communication, not just with other dogs, but the world around them.

Per the Humane Society website, debarked dogs are at risk for a host of physical and behavioral problems, including:

  • Compromised health with possible increased risk of aspiration pneumonia, breathing difficulties, exercise intolerance, chronic coughing or gagging, etc.

  • Increased risk of compromised airway access during future surgeries

  • Increased risk of threats to physical safety because of the inability to ward off threats by vocalizing and alert others to threats or dangers

  • Increased level of stress, contributing to a possible decline in overall health

  • Decreased ability to communicate intentions to other animals and people, leading to possible misinterpretation and harm by others or danger to self and/or others

  • Increased level of frustration, leading to possible redirected behaviors such as destructive behavior toward property or aggression toward animals or people

1/26/2022: Selene & Sonja begin taking treats from H3 founder Jenni

This is an outdated, cruel, and unnecessary practice that should be outlawed across all 50 states. Debarking is currently banned in only 2 US states: Massachusetts and New Jersey. Let’s come together to end devocalization procedures for good. Let’s be a voice for the voiceless.

Progress in action:
1/24/2022: The petition began
1/28/2022: 2500 signatures on the petition
2/2/2022: 10,000 signatures on the petition

News Title, Debarked Huskies

2/11/2022: 17,000 signatures on the petition. KFOR Oklahoma picks up Selene & Sonja's story. Click the photo above to see the full story.

2/13/2022: Selene & Sonja's TikTok video goes viral. Over 550,000 views from around the world. The petition surges to 63,000 signatures.

2/13/2022: Petition hits 63,000 signatures.

2/14/2022: We were contacted by Fox25 News for a television interview. Story aired the same day.

2/14/2022: News story with Fox25 News

Our mission is to start in our home state of Oklahoma and create a ripple effect that changes laws across the country. We have contacted Oklahoma lawmakers and senators and are eagerly awaiting their reply. We need Oklahoma to pave the way! Our petition is now over 148,000 signatures as of 3/22/2022 and continues to grow every day.

Outlaw devocalization

2/14/2022: Click image above to read news article.

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Shirts and hoodies are available in on our online store to spread the word about our cause. 100% of proceeds earned from these shirts goes to the care of the huskies here at our rescue. Click the images above to be redirected to the sales page.

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