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Huskies available for adoption

Our Mission

Husky Halfway House is an Oklahoma-based 501(c)(3) site-based animal rescue nonprofit.  We rescue, rehab, and rehome Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes from high-kill shelters, puppy mills, the streets, and other abusive situations throughout the United States.


We vet each of our Halfway Huskies, including microchipping, vaccinating, and spaying or neutering them.  We then lovingly integrate and socialize them into a small pack at the rescue, selected based on personality fit.  We work with prospective adopters to identify the right husky for their homes, lifestyles, and preferences, based on our in-depth knowledge of each of our huskies' personality and behaviors.  And then our staff personally transport the huskies from the rescue to their new furever homes, which can be located anywhere in the continental United States. 

Since our 2019 founding, we have rescued more than 1,000 dogs, including more than 130 from puppy mills and more than 200 as part of the California initiative that we launched in 2023.

Our goal is to work towards a reality in which no husky or malamute in the United States faces space-based killing in government facilities, or abuse or neglect in puppy mills, private homes, or on American streets. 


As of 2024, we are working towards our goal through:

  • Rescuing from high-kill government facilities at scale.

  • #Project100, our campaign to rescue our next 100 kill-listed huskies from California government facilities.

  • Building a spay and neuter clinic to serve our Halfway Huskies and the rescue's local community.

  • Launching a public education campaign to combat backyard breeding, unnecessary animal surrenders, and puppy mill operations, including a podcast (coming soon!)  

We invite you to join us in this important work. 

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