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Husky in a CA shelter


Save ALL The California Huskies

Husky Halfway House is a midwestern-based animal rescue 501(c)(3) nonprofit that rescues, rehabs and rehomes huskies and malamutes from puppy mills, abusive situations and saves them from euthanasia in high-kill shelters in every state in the USA. 

H3 also adopts and transport huskies to their new homes throughout the entire country. 

This year in 2023, H3 added a California initiative—“Rescue Rides”—to combat an acute problem happening all over the state.  California shelters are in crisis—overwhelmed with post-pandemic animal surrenders, and euthanizing hundreds of healthy, adoptable dogs each week for simple lack of space.


In the first fthree months of the Rescue Rides initiative, H3 has saved nearly 65 dogs from California high-kill shelters. 

The dogs are transported back to the rescue’s permanent site, allowed to decompress from their shelter experience, provided with any medical treatment or behavioral rehab needed, and then are adopted into permanent homes.

Thousands of huskies and other breeds are dying in shelters every day all over this country. Join us on this mission to raise awareness, educate and assist families in help with caring for their pets so less end up in shelters and on euthanasia lists.

Huskies rescued from CA shelters

Join us on this Rescue Ride as we travel across the country to pull 19 euth- listed huskies out of CA shelters and bring them to Oklahoma to learn how to trust again while they wait to be adopted into their new homes. 

Till They All Have Homes

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