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Feeding Your Husky

If you know huskies, you know they can be picky about their food!  Sure, some huskies will eat anything and everything.  But others will turn their noses up and ignore the kibble that you just poured in their bowl.

Read on for more information about huskies - what to feed them, treats we like, and more.

Huskies Eating
Feeding your husky

At H3, we feed our Halfway Huskies a blend of complete foods.  We rely on donations to feed our dogs, so we can't afford to be picky.  We get lots of different brands, including Victor, Diamond Naturals, Taste of the Wild, and Purina Pro Plan--and we mix them all together at feeding time.

Huskies are distinctive among dogs because they can shift their metabolism over time.  This survival tactic is traceable to their Siberian origins, where they were used to pull sleds incredible distances in extreme cold.  As a result, they can slow their metabolism to reduce the number of calories that their bodies burn, which makes their food last longer.

What if your husky does not eat all of their food?  You should still offer them food every day.  We recommend putting down food for 15 minutes.  If your husky does not eat in that timeframe, put the food away and try again the next day.


Remember: when adopting any new dog, it can take them a few days to get onto a regular eating schedule.  Stress from moving into a new environment can upset their stomach, making it difficult for them to eat.  This can also affect their bowel movements.  After about three days, this should level out, and your new husky should be comfortable enough to eat and potty normally.   

And remember that whenever you change your dog's food, they can go through gastrointestinal upset.  Please be patient and understanding as they adjust!

How should you decide what food to feed your husky?  As always, please consult a vet about what food is best for your dog.  Avoid foods with artificial dyes.  Read the ingredient labels and do your research in advance.  If your dog is seven years or older, consider feeding them a senior food blend to provide them with adequate nutrition. 

What about dog treats and chews?  Please never give your dog rawhide, which can lead to serious bowel obstruction that requires emergency surgery.  Always monitor your dog when giving long-lasting chews to make sure that they do not choke.  Remember that treats add calories to your current diet.

Avoid overfeeding.  This can lead to obesity, which exposes your dog to health issues like hip dysplasia, joint inflammation, heart and lung problems, and cancer.   Click here to read more about obesity-related health issues in dogs.

As always, please consult a vet about what to feed your dog if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: Husky Halfway House is not sponsored by, nor do we endorse, any specific dog food brand.  This page is provided for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for veterinary advice.

Dog food donations

We rely on these food donations from Greater Good to keep our huskies well-fed!  

Dog Food

Click the picture above to calculate your dog's estimated calorie needs

Husky happy to eat Royal Canin

Halfway Husky Phoenix is smiling big about his Royal Canin meal!

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