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Affiliate Links

Click on the images below to use our affiliate links. A portion of your purchase will be donated back to Husky Halfway House!


Each box comes with 2 super tough toys, 2 full-size bags of dog treats, and 2 meaty dog chews. Husky approved!


Embark DNA tests are the perfect way to find out what your canine friend is made of. Results come in 2-4 weeks. Not only will this test show your dog's breed makeup, but it also tests for over 200 health risks and analyzes hundreds of genetic markers too... plus this test finds your dogs closest relatives!


FitBark is a GPS tracker and health monitor for your dog. It attaches to your dog's collar, it's water-proof, and fits dogs of all sizes from 5lbs to 250lbs! The FitBark communicates over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular networks to help locate your dog if lost. It also monitors sleep, stress, mobility, canges in behavior and more!


Free shipping on orders over $50! Grounds & Hounds donates 20% of their profits to rescue organizations around the country.


DogTV is a specially designed streaming service just for your dog! This programming is created to relax your pet, prevent boredom and provide mental stimulation for your pet while you're away. Use code DOGTV25OFF for 25% off your first month!

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