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I've just lost a Siberian Husky, his name was Corey and he had amber eyes which were the same color he was. He was red and cream woolie. A neighbor getting a divorce saw us walking another of our huskies and asked us to take him, so we did....we've had him for about 8 years. He passed on Sunday morning from cancer. Although we spent $3600 to save him, it was not to be.

In April I lost a black and white Siberian Husky, named Merlin at 13 years of age. A month before his 14th. He was from a champion line (Bear). He was wonderful.

I've barely adjusted to him being gone and now this. I'm devasted. It's the first time in over twenty years I haven't had a Husky in the house

I started years ago with a Siberian Husky and Wolf blend, his name was Glacier He was fabulous and as Huskies do....came complete with an abundance of personality. I only got to love him for eight years.

When he was only two and was home alone all day, we rescued an all white Malamute, her name was Memphis. She was a little older. Looked like someone just let her go into the world wearing her leash and collar. She was more reserved...absolutely gorgeous and extremely gentle.

A few months after Glacier passed we got Merlin. All of the Huskies except Corey, had blue eyes.

I have ALWAYS loved Huskies. My entire life. I think I could come live with you at the Halfway House and just help. That might be my mission in life. I want to do what I can to help this breed. They are awesome, AWESOME COMPANIONs. They are true compadres. They aim to please you. Always...

so that's my Husky history.

I'm currently trying to downsize the items in the house we have in DFW, Tx. And relocate to a happy place outside of a busy city. As we live near the airport when we moved here from Orlando, Fl. We are getting ready to cash out as those retirement checks will come anywhere in the world....

Lynda Armstrong

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