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Thank You! We Made It!

Yesterday was the craziest day. My nerves shot all day long as I watched the support for these dogs come in.

You guys are amazing. We are 55k closer to our goal and spay and neuter equipment is getting purchased, the remodel is underway, and we should be ready to go full force in a few months. Because of you. I cannot even begin to say thank you properly. So, I’ll just say it one more time. Thank you. Mama Brees cuties for tax.

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I’m thrilled there were generous donors….what a relief for today for you to know you have backing.

We are appreciative of you and your teams efforts! Love, love, love❣️

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I'm so happy 😁

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29 nov 2023

This is the best kind of anxiety we love causing you! I'm so happy to hear people came out in mass to help the huskies!

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Awwww beautiful 😍 babies 🥰😍😘❣️

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