Halfway Huskies

Available for Adoption

All of the pups you see here were rescued from shelters, the streets, abusive situations, and/or are being rehomed due to unforeseen circumstances. After recovering and rehabilitating here at Husky Halfway House,

they are now ready or will soon be ready for you to rescue them again.

Regardless of their status, they are all safe in their new forever homes or here at Husky Halfway House

where everyone has a house, a warm bed, dinners that include whole foods like chicken rice and veggies, regular vetting, social and exercise time, and all the love we can possibly give them. Before we let any of our pups go they see our vet, get spay or neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated to include kennel cough, the usual distemper/parvo vaccines, flea/tick management, as well as tested for heartworms and other parasites.

We require their new home keeps up this care to include heartworm prevention.

Click "apply to adopt" below to be considered and matched with the perfect husky for you.

Start there and if you have any trouble or questions, email nicole@huskyhalfwayhouse.org for a direct application. This program may work better on a desktop computer vs a mobile device.  

H3 Adoption Program.png

Send completed application to nicole@huskyhalfwayhouse.org