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Seeking loving, strong, passionate, hardworking, self-giving volunteers. Join us! We pay in t-shirts, husky hair, and lots of husky kisses! 

Volunteer Openings

Paper Pusher.png

Paper Pusher

Have a way with paperwork? We need a detailed oriented person to come help us make sense of our mountain of receipts, vet records, and bills. Help us organize and digitalize all the things! 

Yard Crews.png

Yard Crew

Love the great outdoors AND huskies? Man, do we have the job for you. We need help managing the yard work on our 7-acre property. Also, the huskies dig... so.... that's fun. We need gravel raked and holes filled. 

Crate Cleaner.png

Crate Cleaner

We have so many crates! Crates for feeding, recovering, and transporting. Our huskies are messy eaters and don't always appreciate when they must be contained. Help us out by cleaning our crates!

Window Washer.png

Window Washer

Windows, the hardest objects to keep clean. Believe us! Can you help clean all of the windows on our property? Make sure the huskies haven't caused any damage?

Ring machine.png

Ring Machine

How are your fine motor skills? We need help creating keychains! Made onsite, these keyrings are time-consuming to create! Save us some time so we can focus on saving some huskies!

Virtual Writer.png

Virtual Writer

How are you with words? We need a creative grammar pro to help us write up all the fun things! We have huge plans and need a set of hands to document everything. Bonus points if you know anything about grant writing! This is a virtual/ remote posistion.

Clean Up Crew.png

Clean Up Crew

How messy do you imagine 100 huskies are? The answer? SUPER! Come shovel poop, clean yards, and take out the trash. We need someone who is not afraid of getting jumped on and doesn't mind doing the dirty work that everyone else wants to avoid.

Floor Crew.png

Floor Crew

Mud, dust, hair, accidents, and food. Messes are especially a problem on the floors. Come sweep, mop, and vacuum! We need you!



Like to shop till you drop? We have the job for you! Help us manage, stock, and clean our onsite thrift & gift shop!

Order Assistant.png

Order Assistant

Are you detail-oriented? Trustworthy? We need help with our online store! We need a special person that will manage some of the tasks required to run our store efficiently.

Volunteer Opportunities Available Now

Need community service hours?

We can help with that. (Must be 16 years old)

Got graphic design and/or marketing skills?
We have our own marketing and design team but could use your help. This is a great opportunity for students to earn extra credit for schools. This is also something you can do at home. 

Check out our Amazon Charity list.

While your shopping, if you could pick up something off of our list would be greatly greatly appreciated. We rely solely on donations so every dollar we save not having to buy supplies means more medicine and spay and neuter services for our intakes. Simply search AmazonSmile Charity lists when shopping on Amazon and type in Husky Halfway House Foundation to view our list.

Shop with Amazon Smile.

It's so so easy. It is literally your exact same account but you log in at Amazon Smile instead of Amazon. Look up Husky Halfway House Foundation and start shopping! Always make sure you are logged into Amazon Smile and a portion of your purchase goes to feed and vet our foster pups. 

Help us fundraise. 

We need the people that love you and love donating to causes. It's easy, just "like" our posts and "share our page", this helps spread the word and if you could find a few moments, please setup a fundraiser for us. It is also easy. We will help you get it going.  

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