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Husky Wish Lists

Husky Halfway House Shopping List

Huskies on the porch

All the stuff the halfway huskies need to stay happy, healthy and comfortable while they wait for their forever homes!
If you have a husky, then you know how much stuff they need! We update this regularly, so please check back often.

Husky Amazon Wish List


Puppy Needs

Husky Puppies

Puppies always need stuff, right? They are growing babies, and husky puppies are no exception! They always need peepads, chew toys, fleece blankies and puppy formula.
Can you help us out with some of it? 

Puppy Wish List

Kuranda Shelter Beds

Husky Sleeping

Quality sleep is essential for a happy and healthy life! Unfortunately, the huskies like to chew and dig on their beds. So far, we haven't found any brand that can stand up to their chaos for more than a week. Someone recommended Kuranda Beds, they have a shelter program that lets you donate and ship one of their sturdy, chew proof (one year warranty), orthopedic beds straight to us at a discounted rate. How cool is that?

Bed Wish List

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