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It’s for the mustang. What number are you?

Email if you haven’t yet received your token! I am cutting them out as we speak and will draw one token on Christmas day.

Whomever has the number I draw is getting an 04 40th anniversary edition Mustang convertible. And yes, it’s red.

I can’t wait to hand this thing to one of you amazing people for helping me rescue these dogs.

You still have time to get tokens but it is your last chance.

Donate 50 dollars to my birthday fundraiser and I’ll give you a token.

Today is my birthday and I have a 15k match and I still need 2500 to reach my goal. Reaching it means the huskies earn 25k to pay for the septic system they need for their poop disposal. Want a chance at the mustang? Donate to H3. On my website, PayPal, Venmo or here on this post. Anyway you want. Just send a screenshot to

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