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AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION. Anyone that puts in an adoption application over the next 7 days is getting a chance to adopt this husky.

I am talking to everyone that wants to adopt but knows they cannot or shouldn’t and doesn’t know it yet.  AND if you apply to adopt a real halfway husky you also get two chances at adopting this one too.

You can apply to adopt him using this link.

In fact, you get two chances to be his future family. The application (donation) fee is $10. For every ten you spend on applying for him you get 2 more chances.

Come on guys, I don’t have enough cash here to make this trip tomorrow, it’s all sitting in PayPal giving fund from the last time I begged.

I need help and have to bring out the big dogs, so that’s this cute thing. And to you guys here just to criticize me for once again having to beg for money to save dogs, tell me, how many dogs have you saved without begging?

I am begging you. Apply to adopt this husky by making a 10-dollar donation with this link.

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