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Halfway to Home

Husky Highway

Where the huskies go to find their way back home.

No matter what you do, no matter how careful you are, your husky is smart enough to find a way to escape.

You think it won't happen to you, you think they won't run away, but you are wrong. 

There are ways to prevent the heartache, ways to keep them safe and ways to get the word out if it does happen to you and your husky. 

Lost or Found a Husky?

So it happened to you, and your husky didn't come back...let's get the word out and help them find their way back home.

Submit your request to add your missing husky to our database.


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Do You Know Me?

found 1 photo 2_edited.jpg

Siberian Husky
Sex unlisted for ID purposes
Found on the road near
O'Connell Drilling & Supply
Brewster, Washington
Safe for now
Does not appear house tr
Originally posted by

 Hope 4 Huskies


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white husky 2.jpg
white husky.jpg

White Colored Husky
Located off of 29th and Grand (South Hill)
Found on 9/14/2022
Grandview, Washington
Call or text (208)952-8391
Originally posted on Siberian Husky Lovers of the PNW Facebook Page

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crab orchard.png
crab orchard.jpg

Spotted in Crab Orchard, West Virginia
Rabies tag said Pennsylvania.
She was fed onsite but was not caught.

Originally posted on Huskies/Lost/Found/Stolen Facebook Page on 02/06/2023

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found 2.jpg

Found in Crestwood, 137th-138th and Kostner
Chicago Area
Taken to South Suburban Humane Society.

Originally posted on Huskies/Lost/Found/Stolen on 2/14/2023.
Found on 2/13/2023.

found on Miller Rd.jpg

Found in Imperial, Missouri (Jefferson County)

Originally posted on Huskies/Lost/Found/Stolen Facebook Page on 2/9/2023


Do You Know Me?

prince william county animal shelter.jpg

Stray red husky turned into the Prince William County Animal
(Manassas, Virgina)
Shelter, ID #31791
Please inquire directly to the shelter by calling (703) 792-6465 or emailing


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Stray posted in the NE Arkansas areas of Jonesboro and Paragould Lost and Found Pets Facebook Page
Last spotted on Fisher St near the Success Academy

Do You Know Me?

long beach.png
long beach 2.png

Male Siberian Husky
Long Beach California
Pup has been reported to the shelter but is not located there.
If you recognize this dog, please contact
with "Reunite" in subject line


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jimmy carter.jpg
carter 2.jpg

Female husky
Very Friendly
Gwinnet County Georgia
Jimmy Carter/Buford Hwy area
Originally posted to Huskies/Lost/Found/Stolen on 


Do You Know Me?

Galax VA.jpg

Female husky
Estimated to be around 3 years old
At Galax Carrol Grayson Animal Shelter in Galax Virginia
Found on Klondike Rd
Intake date 2/9/2023
Last Guaranteed day at shelter is 2/28/2023


Do You Know London?

Street dog.png
Cleveland Texas Street Dog.png

Husky Mix
Currently loose on the street 
Located in Cleveland, Texas
Young male
A local shelter is being consulted by rescuer to help catch him as of 2/14/2023


Do You Know Me?

memphis 2.jpg

Female Husky
Found on 2/4/2023
Is currently located at
Bartlett Shelter
Very People Friendly


found Charlottsville.jpg

Male Husky
Found on 2/20/2023
Is currently located at Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA
Charlottesville, Virginia


Do You Know Me?

Compton Ca.jpg
compton ca 2.jpg

Male Husky
Found on 2/13/2023
Compton, California
No microchip
Posted to Lost and Found Pets


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Bff Rescue 1.jpg
Bff Rescue 2.jpg

Male Husky
Found on 2/06/
Southport, Florida
Microchipped but not registered
Currently located at BFF Animal Rescue


Do You Know Me?

Do You Know Me?

Coffee County.jpg

Currently on stray hold; once hold ends animals will be available for adoption or rescue. NO INFO IS GIVEN OUT, owner(s) must provide Douglas-Coffee County Animal Shelter with information
Phone # (912)384-8031

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Desoto Girl.png

Found 2/21/2023
Female with a pink collar and flea collar
Desoto, Missouri
Please text/call
Posted to Pet Lost and Found Alert Group


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Found 2/20/2023
Female, potentially pregnant
Dallas, Georgia

Currently located at Paulding County Animal Control
Shelter: 770-445-1511


PG County.jpg

Found 2/20/2023
Unaltered female
Black and white Siberian Husky.
About 6 months old
I weigh approximately 35 pounds
Prince Georges County Animal Services Division, Maryland at (301) 780-7200
ID number A532948

Do You Know Me?

Do You Know Me?

Found Virginia.jpg

Found Red Husky 2/23/2023
Tye River Rd/Buffalo River area,
She is at Nelson County Animal Shelter

South Haven.jpg
South Haven 2.jpg

Beginning of February 2023
South Haven, Michigan
Intact Male
No microchip
Posted to Lost/Found Huskies 2/25/2023

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Do You Know Us?

Houston TX.jpeg
Houston TX 2.jpeg

 Black and White Huskies
Found 2/23/2023
 Houston, Texas
Caught near Greens Bayou
Posted on NextDoor


Do You Know Me?

Do You Know Me?


 Female Husky Mix
Found 3/3/2023
Richmond, Virginia
Now at Richmond Animal Care
Ref 99647 Cheer Squad


martinsville 2.jpg

 Female Husky
Found 3/2/2023
Martinsville, Virginia

Eyes: One Blue and One Brown
With a Foster for Now
No Microchip
Not Spayed


Do You Know Me?

Do You Know Me?

Found Ulm 2.jpg
Found New Ulm Texas.jpg

 Male Red Husky
Eyes: Blue
Found on 3/5/2023
New Ulm, Texas
Currently with Finder
Area is Known for Dumping but Dog Appears Well Cared For


Queen Taco 2.jpg
Queen Taco Found.jpg

 Female Husky Mix
Eyes: Blue
Found on 3/1/2023
Southgate, California
Picked Up at Huntington Park Near King Taco

Currently with Finder

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 Male Husky 
Black and White

Eyes: Blue
Found on 3/6/2023
San Dimas, California
Currently with Finder
Originally Posted on Ring Neighbors

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Found LA.jpg

Female Husky 
Black and White

Eyes: Brown
Found on 3/7/2023
Los Angeles, California
Currently Located at
West Los Angeles Animal Services


found la 2.jpg

Do You Know Me?


Male Husky 
Eyes: Blue
Found on 3/8/2023
Bethlehem, North Carolina

PAWBOOST ID# 8843739