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Help! We Need Dog Food!

When I first started rescuing and went from 6 to 25 dogs, I still hadn’t made any connections to help me with food and with no reputation back then to earn donations so I was buying the food with my own money. It started turning into hundreds a week very quickly, and got very scary.

When I took on the puppy mill case I realized I was in trouble and could not rescue at this scale without a food source.

In steps Greater Good GOODS program. I rave about it all the time. I love them. They kept us fed. BUT

Since March I doubled my onsite intake. That means I now have double mouths to feed but the food donation from GG are no longer enough to feed this many.

We need help! And we may need it ongoing. When GG does send food I ask for as much as possible. This weeks donations will only last us 3 days when normally it would go more than a week.

So, I got mouths to feed and I need your help feeding them! The easiest way to help feed these kids is to send us money to our Venmo so we can use our local feed store and get food now but if you don’t mind sending us a bag of anything Purina One of any size, we would greatly appreciate it.

I haven’t had to worry about feeding these dogs in a long time but now I am genuinely concerned. Feeding this many would cost thousands a month without donations and it would make things impossible. Please help. for our digital accounts and to send food directly to us. Anything, Purina One preferred, send to Husky Halfway House Foundation 121130 S 4180 Rd Eufaula, OK 74432 Thank you for your consideration and of course donations are tax deductible.

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