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Dear Santa

I don’t want much for Christmas, please give all things to them, but say a prayer for me. 🙏

Give them a world where girls like Rose get to live their own lives and not be forced to be mamas, and a world where 7 to 12 adults in need won’t get pushed aside while all the energy is focused on finding homes for puppies so that they don’t grow up in rescue.

Please give them the space they need to be comfy and loving hands to care for them while they wait to be no longer halfway home.

Please pray for me while I push through the struggles to give them what they deserve.

Please open the heart and minds of those who can so easily help, but havent seen my plea,

and lastly, please give me the strength to fight for them when my days go dark all I desire is to lie in defeat.

Dear Santa, I know I am asking a lot. I am asking you to help me save them all. In return, I’ll do it. I’ll save them all. From a heavy hearted husky rescuer, Jenni D, HBIC

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