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THE RULE ISNT HARD. If you have to give up the dog then she comes back to me. Think about it. I made the mistake of giving you the dog, your choice for her will not be better.

Random person on phone: hi, uhhh I am at animal control trying to bust out a dog named Pippen that you adopted to a lady and need her shot records.

Me: Hi, who is this and why isn’t Emily there to get her?

Random person on phone: she gave her to me and told me she was current on shots but from you, I need the records because she nipped at the animal control guy.

Me: Pippen was adopted to her two years ago, she should have taken her to a vet number one and number two, who are you!? She cannot rehome my dog!?

Random person on the phone to ACO when he asked if she was willing to surrender.

Me. EXCUSE ME ACO but that’s not her dog to surrender.

In the end, Emily gave me a bunch of excuses about how much random lady loved her and she trusted her as random lady showed zero interest in my adoption application and was happy to pass Pippen off to the ACO and walk away.

That’s it. I won’t be adopting any dogs to anyone. I am just going to keep them all.

Even more reasons why my adoption process has gotten that much harder. I need to know that we can communicate with each other otherwise, don’t bother “helping” me rescue. You are not “helping” me rescue when I have to rescue my dog AGAIN.


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