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While the Concrete is Still Wet

A mentor once told me to surround myself with people who are on the same mission as I and can settle the balance needed to make each piece work for the mission.

Yesterday Bethany Lobo launched a birthday fundraiser for the huskies, she then challenged everyone to donate by DOUBLE MATCHING any donations made to H3 until Friday and leaving it UNCAPPED. That means that if someone wanted to really help me rescue huskies, now is the time. I need massive amount of money, sponsors, donors, people who believe in my work and want to help to make it bigger than me. If someone were to give the huskies $1, Bethany will make it $3.

Here is what she said. This is COPY PASTED from her FB page. I appreciate the recognition of my work and the assistance in making the mission happen.

“$36,000. In one day. For the huskies. Dozens of irreplaceable lives that would have been lost, will now be saved. Let's please keep it going. This fundraiser is not over. I will double match every dollar donated - your $1 becomes $3.

Everyone showed up beyond my wildest dreams yesterday. I’d dreamed we could raise 5K in donations in one week, but worried that was too ambitious. Instead, you all turned out 12K in one day across all platforms. Who knew that the best birthday present of my life would be running up a 24K tab in one day?

This is already the largest single charitable donation of my life. This isn’t comfortable for me. I don’t have a trust fund and did not win the lottery. I don’t come from money. I’m not retired with a massive net worth. I’m a law firm partner in my mid-30s who is donating money that I’m making in real time.

Excuses dance in my head: this isn’t the time. I’m not old enough yet. We are in a down economy. Donating money I could be saving comes with risk; what if I need it later? My home experienced catastrophic flooding damage recently and I will have tens of thousands of dollars of out of pocket costs, not even quantified yet. Why can’t I just invest the money and donate it later? Ideally, much, much later, when it feels safer to do so.

I wish I could make these excuses but I can’t. For two reasons.

First, while I spend time making excuses, huskies will die. That’s not tenable.

The second reason is H3’s founder, Jenni Dietsch. Jenni is the real deal in rescue. A few years back, she was a small business owner in Northern California when she rescued a husky, learned of the crisis in which huskies are disproportionately being abandoned and euthanized in high-kill shelters, and understood that her calling was to save them. She sold her business and key assets; purchased 7 acres of land in Eufaula, OK; formed H3 as a nonprofit and donated her savings and land to the rescue; and started saving huskies. From high-kill shelters. From abusive situations. From puppy mills. From the streets. She works round the clock, seven days a week, to save dogs from imminent danger, care for the hundred dogs she has on-site, to adopt them out, to check on already placed dogs, to do medical and behavioral rehab, to fundraise to support this utterly non-profit mission. When I say non-profit, Jenni drew no salary for years, and barely draws one now. Health insurance? Not a chance. I said yesterday she places dogs throughout the country – by which I mean she personally drives around the country, transporting 10-15 huskies at a time, often sleeping in her transport van to ensure the huskies are not left unattended or in unseasonable temperatures. She has saved more than 700 huskies to date, scraping, scrimping, sacrificing, being all in.

I have no idea how to interact with someone like Jenni and make excuses. I don’t know how to tell her that I feel uncomfortable taking risks to help save lives. When I start, the words stick in my throat – they ring too hollow to say them out loud.

It should be on our entire society to ensure that every dog we have created has a home. But we don’t live in that reality. We live in a reality where a small rescue community is the only thing that stands between abandoned dogs and certain death—where even saving near to a thousand lives requires the extreme personal sacrifices that Jenni has made, even as most of society looks the other direction. The only way we change the reality is to grow our rescue community. So if you are reading this, I ask you to join—or continue to support—that community.

Please, help us help them. Until they all have homes.” - Bethany Lobo

Here is the link to donate. Or you can PayPal or Venmo Bethany will match it DOUBLY for the huskies. Got a million? It would give the rescue 3, build out everything it needs, start a spay and neuter clinic and help other rescues do the same. We CAN do this.

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So Cute!

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Mar 02, 2023

Love this so much ❤️ Thank you for saving them!

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