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While at the Vet with Mama Karma...

Doc says it needs to come off. She doesn’t need it anyway, it’s just slowing her down.

Mama Karma, big, strong and determined, who came to me with a missing foot and a bunch of fluffy little babies, arrived late last night at KEY Animal Hospital - Karl E. Yurko DVM, to prep for whatever it is she needs to give her the best life going forward. Karmas surgery happens Tuesday, the leg will come off and she will move on and forget.

Karma needs all the positive thoughts and vibes sent her way please. I’ll keep you all updated on her treatment and needs.

Huge shout out to Karl, Jen and their team for meeting us after hours to get the kiddos settled and maybe even foster failing on that little puppy I dropped off needing a home .

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Cara Shields
Cara Shields
Mar 12, 2023

Mama Karma, you’re in the absolute best hands possible! Nothing but good things coming for you and your future!

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