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Today We Make History

A 10k match we NEED to do this. Please donate. 10 means 20 and that means this and the last rescue is covered.

Today we make history. This is the day where EVERY husky that was allowed to leave the shelter, did just that, left. Here they are guys!!! H3 went into Apple Valley Animal Shelter and rescued ALL of the huskies. Well, except the one cutie that All Joy rescued and the ones I will have to rescue in a few days when their stray holds are up.

God, I love rescue.

These kids, along with the two Riverside kiddos will hang here in quarantine phase 1 until we knock out the snotty noses and such. We have two girls in heat so unfortunately, they will have to stay a little more contained, otherwise, everyone is getting along great and enjoying the little bit of freedom they get and the realization that they get to be huskies, together.

Welcome, my halfway huskies, you are all officially, #halfwayhome

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