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To my halfway huskies in heaven

I dream of you every night my Ruby girl.

Last night Cassy sent you an angel, her name is MJ. You haven’t met her just yet, as she is with her son, Brutus, but don’t worry, you will meet them both soon and when you do you will know them and they will know all of you.

When she crossed the rainbow bridge hand and hand with her son, Echo and Ruby was there to meet her and will guide her through her journey to you.

Ruby is excited to tell them your stories and I know you are all excited to show off your sliver harnesses.

Kiss Mama MJ for me and let her know that I’ll see her some day, when I cross that bridge and throw an extra hug to Echo for all of us, we didn’t get enough time with him here.

When you see MJ, Brutus, Echo and Ruby, give MJ a piece of that thing I always send you, that thing that binds us together and makes our hearts one. She may not be a halfway husky but she is a part of us now, they all are, and like you, are no longer halfway home. ❤️

Till we meet again, 🌈

This amazing art piece of Ruby was done by Kira Lee Black Art, I took a screenshot of her post since the share wasn’t cooperating. Please go to her page and hit “follow”.

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