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To My Halfway Huskies In Heaven

I wrote a letter last night and gave it to my girl, Laiken, who crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday.

I wanted to share it and her beauty with you. This photo was taken within weeks of me rescuing her.

To my halfway huskies in heaven,

As I close my eyes tonight and enter that space between the light and the dark, I am happy knowing that I will dream of you.

Tonight, I am sending you an angel, she knows you well, she doesn't know it yet, but she does and don't worry because you will absolutely know her too.

Her name is Laiken. I rescued her from a puppy farm just a few year ago. Those dark eyes behind her fiery beauty is her mother, Mystique. You will meet her someday too.

I am sending Laiken off with a gift for each of you, it's just a little tiny piece of my heart. When you left me, I gave you a piece, remember? I told you to hold onto it for safe keeping, that one day we would be reunited, and my heart would be whole again, but for now it joins you all together.

Laiken is going to be afraid at first, like you were, she is not going to understand why she doesn't see her sister, her pawrents and her grandpawrents, but don't worry because it won't be long before she remembers why she shouldn't be afraid to leave them.

You remember right? What made you not afraid to leave?

You see him, that gentle, misunderstood soul, lying on the floor of his tiny kennel while his kennel mate snarls at him and makes him afraid, all the lights, sounds and loud noises, nowhere to turn or run or hide or just be yourself. He didn't understand that these were his final moments and that if he wasn't rescued he would be lost.

You remember how that feels and you knew in that moment that everything was going to be ok. That was the moment you realize you were chosen, chosen to save another life. But really, did you know you were saving two?

I heard you calling for me to save him and I will hear her too and in that moment she will understand why she was chosen and why she shouldn't be afraid.

Do me a huge favor and hug her, all of you. Hug her for me. Hug her for her family. Hug her for her sister. Tell her not to be afraid and that we will all be waiting to see her again. We all know that she will be waiting for us so it's ok to have fun and be with you guys, enjoy your time until we all see each other again.

In the meantime, hold onto that little piece of my heart. Everytime I send you an angel I will send you another piece and all those pieces will just keep tying us together, until I am with you again and my heart is whole.

My girl, Laiken. I am so sorry you had to leave so soon. I am so sorry that you had to leave so young.

You are not far though, and you are not alone, you have the ones that preceded you and you are right here, in my heart.

Until I see you all again, RIP Laiken 12/22/20-5/25/23

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