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The first red flag.

She didn’t want me to post her face.

I am going to address the human whose actions almost caused my dog to be euthanized. The person who dubbed my picture dog onto the streets, within 24 hours of adoption. The person who caused him to end up in a kill shelter, and then blocked our numbers.

Amazingly, this incident is NOT one that happened last week with Lobo.

What the actual F are we doing wrong here? We do everything that we can to vet adopters. Before we agree to adopt to you, we do a FaceTime home check, vet reference check, check of your public social media, and review of Google Maps so we understand where we are sending our dog. We deliver the dogs ourselves, so we can meet you face to face. We encourage you to come to us if anything is wrong, we are your support system, we have conversations where we get to know each other, where we start to trust each other so we can come together with the sole purpose of saving this dogs life. We are a team!

Before I continue on, let’s start with my face because I have no problem showing it and the dog I’m hugging.

That’s the dog that ended up in the shelter last week. The family did not put him there or leave him there. In fact, we picked him up at their home. This is one of those situations where the lifestyles just do not work and guess what, I’m mad, but its OK, that is why I built this program this way so I can be here for you if it doesn’t work.

I want you to feel that you can come to us for anything even if it means you need to say goodbye. I NEED you to feel that because if you don’t, please don’t apply for my dog. The only reason I was mad about this situation is because we didn’t know until it was too late.

Please come to us if you have a problem. Come to us at the start of the problem because if we can’t figure it out, we can at least keep our dog safe while we do.

I’ll say it one more time if you’re having a problem with one of my huskies please reach out. We are here for you, We are here for them, we are here for you all.

But this isn’t what happened here. I don’t want anybody thinking that if it doesn’t work out with my dog that I’m gonna put you on public blast.

That is not what this is about. 

This is about reminding all of my family’s that it is not necessary for things to get so stressful. And above all, please, whatever it takes, make it your priority, that no matter how bad things get, my dogs don’t end up back in a shelter after pulling them out and promising them they will never go back.

I promised them they would never go back. Please do not force me to break my promise.

I am not blasting in a family that made a mistake. This was downright abuse. 

In the last two weeks I’ve had four dogs returned and had to take three trips to rescue them, two of these cases where the dog ended up back in the shelter.

Any idea what that cost? You don’t wanna know because we’re supposed to be fundraising to save dogs, not save dogs we have already saved.

Now let’s get back to my husky pictured, you know the one with that big smile on his face as he gazes around his new home.

Any idea what could’ve happened because this faceless person let my dog loose in a state and town he’s never been to, to be shot or hit by a car or end up in a shelter? 

Let me tell you a little story. But let me first say again that then unless you treat my dog this way, then you don’t need to worry about being put on blast. What happened here was the stuff animal abusers do. That’s right, animal abuse. 

Wanting to return your dog to me because it’s not working out isn’t abuse. It’s communication.

This was abuse.

I’ll go ahead and make that story short. Because I don’t know what happened. All I know is that we have an approved family who was obsessed and excited to meet this dog. We then loaded this dog up into the van and drove him to a different state. A few states away at that, and not 24 hours later I get a call from local animal control that they have a beautiful white husky chipped to me with a collar with my number on it. Thank you by the way for not removing that.

My first thought is oh gosh he got out of the fence the families at work and that’s why they not answering. Mistakes happen, we’re here to help.

But then she blocks Brittany’s phone, the one she’s been communicating on so Britney messages her on her personal phone and tries to call until that phone is also blocked.

So again, I don’t know what happened. All I know is that nothing about it is good, my dog is in a shelter, and you have blocked my phone. You put my dog in danger. Thank God he was picked up and is safe, but how dare you waste time trying to help me save a life just to try to get him killed again.

Why not just come to me? Why block the phone?

I myself have not spoke to this person. She’ll probably just block my phone. The fact that she blocked the phones and has not contacted animal control looking for him, (I just asked them) and hasn’t reached out to us, tells me I don’t need to speak to her.

It’s obvious that she doesn’t care about my dog and nothing she can say well matter after blocking the phones. I just can’t figure out why?

So what went wrong here? What do you think? Can you think of any reason that I could be wrong? I’ll be willing to admit if it I am. I’ll publicly apologize and admit that I’m wrong if I am. I wish I was wrong. I hope I’m wrong. Please tell me that I’m wrong. 

I apologize to those who dislike my drama, but how can we be their voice if we are not their voice?

Do no harm. Take no sh!t. Rescue.

Her name is Windy. And she is now on my DNA list. (Do not adopt)

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So sad this happened to beautiful Niko. 💔💔💔 Rant on dear Jenni, if we do not, nothing will ever change. For every person that says nothing, more beautiful dogs will die and suffer...

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