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Rory, Laid to Rest.

I didn't do any selfies with her, she would have ripped my face off. Just look at that mean mug. The RBF was always strong on this girl.

3.5 years ago I should have let her soul rest. I couldn't do it though, I made multiple appts and tried to convince myself it would be the best for her and everyone around her and finally I told her that she could just stay with me till her life was over. I knew it would be years, she was so young, I just didn't know it would only be a few. She wasn't healthy, she wasn't sane. She wasn't healthy or sane yesterday when Doc finally laid her to rest. She was my first "aggressive, unadoptable" husky. She bit my kids, me, Rob and any employee that touched her. She would spend a few seconds enjoying your touch until something triggered in her mind and she would forget she is being loved and would lash out. She was dangerous. But we all learned how to live with her and we all loved her.

I called her Rory, Roars Alot because she was the most bossy and vocal husky out there, till the moment she couldn't anymore.

Yesterday the team found her in her kennel having seizure after seizure. We are not sure what time they started and she has never had a seizure before that I know of. They picked her up, and was with her when she had multiple seizures in the car on the way to the vet and up until she took her last labored breathe.

If I had known, I would have taken a chance on her ripping my face off so I could hug her goodbye and whisper to her that I was sorry for making her tortured soul go on longer than she needed and to assure her that where she is going will erase all the memories of abuse that made her so mentally ill.

RIP Rory Roars Alot. Not sure how I will return to the rescue without hearing your voice. Hug my Jax for me and all the others because you know them all! everyone! Tell them all how we are doing! Tell them how we have helped hundreds and hundreds of huskies now and tell them that they are always in my heart. I'll see you all soon. You better have them all waiting for me when my time comes. Until then, go on girl and enjoy your soul now, it's no longer tortured. You are no longer "halfway home". #RIP #huskyrescue #home

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