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My little red rose here to ask a few favors...  

First, the red roses and I want to let all the mushers know that they need not worry about our future. It’s snowy and bright.

We have no intention of making these dogs race or do anything they were not meant to do or are not comfortable doing.

I do have every intention of rescuing a few retired sled dogs that might want to teach the roses and other halfway huskies how to pull. If they want to.

No one will be left outside or chained to boxes or forced to work.


They will however be expected to be cute and inspire me to tell some stories and write some children’s books about them and each will be apart of the Red Rose Racing Team.

Will I ever adopt them out? I don’t know. At this time I would prefer to focus on finding homes for the 8 adults that would have to wait while the world fights over these cuties.

In the meantime, their foster mama desperately needs potty pads, both washable and disposable and some of those Bounty paper towels.

So what do you say, can you help out a cute little bouquet of roses so they can continue to get all chunky, healthy and amazing?

Here is the link,

The items on this list will ship directly to our foster mom in New Hampshire. The address is hidden but if you need her address direct, shoot Britney a message and she will hook you up.

We are also desperate for funds to pay for vet bills for these babes. Can you donate? Donations are tax deductible and help us save more lives. is our digital handles and Tracy is on standby to send receipts within a day or two.

Thank you for considering us on this mission Monday to cover our foster mamas needs.

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You should have Bounty Papertowels arriving tomorrow


So beautiful!!!!! ❤️💯🌹🌹🌹🌹


Such precious beautiful roses 🌹 ❤️ 😍 💖 💕 ♥️ ❣️

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