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My brown eyed boys

Let’s see yours.

Britney and I just want to get our minds off the rescue pain and get some smiles going. Britney needs lots of smiles right now.

Show us your brown eyes babes. . And let’s see those blues too, and the golds and the bi eyes, let’s just see them all.

These are my own personal huskies. Dusty, on the right is the husky that started me on my husky journey. He is the one that started it all. Neo on the left is the very first husky I rescued. I adopted him from a rescue in CA. He is the husky that started me on my rescue journey. Now, let’s see yours. ~Jenni D HBIC

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T Snuggs
T Snuggs
Nov 04, 2023


Beautiful baby boys!! With a HERO MOM!!

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