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Momma Torri Update, Emergency 😔

Forced to make babies in her first cycle, dumped and found starving and stealing chickens, which is how she ended up in the shelter system with her recently bred sister or mother, and now fighting an infection from a rupture in her abdomen somewhere that has already taken at least one of her babies and forced him over the rainbow bridge.

What the actual F. This dog is not even a year old. .

Mama Torri was rushed to Oklahoma Vet Specialist tonight for an emergency surgery to save her life and the life of her baby.

Can you help me help her? Her treatment for the next 48 hours including her about to be born baby, is just under $3700. Money we dont have. Money we need to save her life and continue to save others like her.

Please help if you can Please. Venmo | Jenni Dietsch PayPal.Me

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