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Meet Echo

❤️Echo❤️ This is my new guy, Echo. He is the coolest. We have been getting to know each other and it’s going well!! Echo is typical husky and looking for a family that speaks his dialect of husky. You see, speaking husky is a learned skill. You think that you really know them but you don’t, and that’s because people forget that huskies grow into their personalities, just like people, they don’t just stay cute little fluffy furry best friends, they actually have feelings and likes and dislikes and get set in their ways just like people do. Just like families have fallouts, so do families with huskies, but even us black sheep have someone out there truly meant for us.

Echo was bounced around before rescued from a shelter by his previous family. Unfortunately, the family and Echo didn’t speak the same language so now he is here needing a family again. A forever family.

Echos next family will speak his language and be his forever, otherwise, he will just be hanging here with me until he does.

If that’s you, reach out!

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