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The other day I posted a video of one of my new kids in quarantine jumping my 6ft fence that had coyote rollers across the top. This is him. Yeah, so I need this kid adopted like NOW. I do not have a yard he can’t jump so he won’t get the freedom that the others do. He is calm and sweet and every time he jumped he came right to me and didn’t try to run. He is definitely an older soul, and you can tell he has a story, and I am willing to bet it was a good story with a good family. His coat is clean, he has zero skin issues or signs of being a backyard dog or even signs of regular crate use. Nothing. His weight is good. He is healthy. THIS IS SOMEONES DOG.

What can I do to get people to understand their husky. If your husky gets out the first thing you do is contact every shelter around you. Why? Because you only get 72 hours until they kill them. Yes, kill them, and you may very well spend your life looking for him and never getting true closure. It happens that fast. Jimbo is lucky H3 picked him up, because 100s of huskies all over this country died at the time he would have because their owners didn’t get to the shelter in time and I swear to God, I wish I was exaggerating.

I want to keep saving these dogs guys. I try to imagine my own husky getting out and me not finding him in time. It hurts me to think he could end up in another state being adopted out to anyone... I just cannot deal… I mean I have pulled huskies from CA and placed them in homes in Maine!! So, if your husky is alive, you may never find him and if you do, he no longer belongs to you. At least I can keep them alive. And if you see them in my social media then reach out, I’ll let you know about his happy ever after.

I need your help to keep them alive. I can keep pulling them out before the shelters kill them but I need support. Buy my books, my hoodies, become a monthly supporter, adopt my huskies, share my stories, anything, please, it literally keeps them alive. PayPal, Venmo and Zelle are excellent and quick ways to donate. Or you can go to our website and make a tax-deductible donation to the rescue. We need you! Together, till they all have homes. Pillow is the prize for our raffle this week, here is the link!

Halloween Cozy Night in Raffle Ticket | Husky Halfway House #huskyrescue #halfwayhusky #escapeartist

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