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H3 is hoarding, overpopulated and should be reported.

So, report me! I just love having the authorities here. Their support is vital to H3’s success and it helps the process when they visit.

Anyway, that’s just a of the things I have heard since the recent shelter sweep in Devore.

I understand that you’re concerned, but your concern comes from someplace else, you just won’t admit it.

But this brings up a good point. People will assume the worst if they don’t know otherwise so for the sake of being transparent and easing the worries of some while just making a whole bunch of people happy with an update, I have a huge request! And I’ll do something for you in return.

I NEED REVIEWS! google reviews and FB reviews. Also, testimonials here and can I put your story on my website? Add pictures!! Let people see H3 and what we do.

I am trying to do big things here guys and that is to save ALL the huskies, and to do that I need the world to see the work that we do.

I need you to show them.

Did you adopt from me? Did I help you with anything that you appreciated?

Will you tell the others so they are not so worried about the huskies that a small Oklahoma rescue has to take to help out California.

Please leave a Google and or FB review and add a picture of our kiddo in the comments. Not only will this help us increase our following, it will show potential adopters and donors that they can trust us.

Here are the links. I would love an update and others would love to see where the dogs are that they helped me rescue.

You in?

Anyone that reviews on Google and or FB will get a raffle ticket to the next husky surprise and bonus, I’ll throw in Another ticket if you adopted from me and put a picture here on this chat for others to see.

I so appreciate your time!! Having this info out there is so important. Thank you for your consideration.

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