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Hey all, Jenni D here.

I haz a couple things to discuss. You busy?

First and most important I would love a pic of your husky, but bonus if they are destroying your house, to make myself feel better.

In the comments I’ll put a video of some of my favs right now.

Speaking of naughty husky, have you ever searched my page for something? Try searching # because husky to see all the naughty things that huskies do.

But really, I am here to ask what you think about the name H3 Neuter House for my spay and neuter clinic? I haven’t solidified what I want to call it but this one sounds fun.  

Also, Bethany is giving us just 8 more hours to hit that 10k so she will match it. I still need about 4k to hit that...

BUT, while she is busy over here asking you to help her celebrate her birthday by helping us rescue 100 huskies from California, I am busy over here trying to give them a house and hospital that doesn’t look like this.

This is the current state of our spay and neuter clinic and next step is to fix this before we can be open to the public.

Since I started fundraising for vet equipment and costs to remodel, we have bought 40 medical kennels, 3 vet/wet tables, outdoor kennels and fencing for more quarantine, paint for the entire building and had the floors done.

We also have French drains going in all over the kennels and building to keep flies, smells and hair contained.

In just one week, our contractor will be here to install metal panels along the clinic walls, along with trim to fix the holes that the dogs have made in the walls. It will cost 25k to do the entire building and that’s what needs to happen next so we can get this place operational and open to the public.

I NEED YOUR HELP. Yes, I had to yell that. 8 hours to go to get a MATCH on Bethany’s 10k donation.

Please guys, now is the time to exercise my begging skills and use Five Dollar Friday, as a good reason to ask you to help me cover this next phase of the clinic.

Once this is done, we will be ready to open for regular spay clinics.

Please help in this much needed push to finish the vet clinic so we can open it the public!

25k is my goal and I have just two weeks to do it. . Halp!!!!

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