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Here’s a picture of Ruby to break up your day.

I sure do miss her. I hope she is happy and bossing everyone around over that rainbow bridge.

In the meantime, this pic was a perfect way to talk about feeding 250 huskies.

Will you join our Breakfast Club? Memberships start at 4.99 a month. For sure there is an app in your phone you’re paying for that you don’t need. We sure could use it!

We use the money to feed and care for these dogs.

So for 4.99 a month you can help me save lives and in exchange I’ll give you exclusive content. That means you get to see and hear things only meant for your eyes, as a thank you for supporting these dogs. You also get discounts to our online store and the most fun is the monthly raffle you are automatically enrolled in. Anyone that signs up and is signed up for 4.99 or more on any of my platforms get a raffle ticket. This months prize is Kona coffee and our coffee hoodie.

Monthly support is the only way this rescue will survive and grow. We need your monthly support. If we all come together with a little bit we could do big, big things.

If I had 15k people helping me feed the huskies with 4.99 a month, I could cover all of the expenses for this facility and not have to beg for money.

If every one of you guys that follow the page would join me, I could literally, LITERALLY, make sure no husky dies from euthanasia in a shelter for space everywhere in this entire country.

So please join the breakfast club. And hey, there are a few things you have missed so you must hurry! Once you join the content will be available to you.

Here is the link to set up monthly donations via our website.

Really, I just want to keep these dogs safe, and you can help me do that with just 4.99 a month. Please subscribe!

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So Cute!


Ruby Roo! I miss you girlfriend 💔


This is why I donate 25$ monthly! To save the huskies


Ruby 💔💔💔. Miss seeing that baby so much. She probably is bossing everyone around 🤣🥰🤣🥰❣️


OMG!! She’s beautiful!!

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