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Her Brother is NOT THE DADDY

Speaking of puppies..

You know who my favorite t-shirt maker is? It’s, I'd Rather Be With My Dog. When I did my first puppy mill and had a ton of puppies coming at me, Doug contacted me and asked if he could help! He creates t-shirts and products to help rescues with puppies from puppy farms. IRBWMD sent us blankets and dog beds and he really was the first company to step up and help me along with K9 dryer and two other rescues who came in with real help instead of just taking all the puppies.

Perfect timing because Doug made us a t-shirt to help with the cost of these babes! 50% of the sale of each will go the noskies, I mean the huskies, I mean the dogs, cause well, like Doug says, I’d rather be with my dogs.

Buying one supports rescue! Yes this one supports my rescue but this company in general makes their products with that in mind, helping rescues rescue and spreading the word that we all would just rather be with our dogs.

Want to help Doug help me and Britney help these puppies?

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