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Hello From North Dakota!

Sir Loki (picture taken at the rescue) here will get his forever soon, but we still have about 1500 miles to go!!

Me, well, I am here scolding myself for being out of breath over 1 flight of stairs.

The altitude might kill me. I feel like I do when I visit CO and it’s not pretty.

Where is everyone from? Anyone in these upper states? Do you get used to your lungs feeling heavy? Or am I just out of shape…

Ohhh and guess what!? FB gave us the performance bonus!! That means the huskies earn real money just for your likes, comments and share. (No gifs)

Feeling generous? Because we don’t need money this time, we need you to comment!! And go!!!

But first. Where you from and can I see your husky! Comment on our Facebook Page and let us know!

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