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Got the Monday blues so we were just wondering…

Know anyone that wants to adopt a husky? Me neither, so stop breeding them and spay and neuter your pets!!!

We have over 200 here ready and available for adoption and cannot bring more in until we do.

I am begging you to stop breeding. BEGGING you to stop tagging me to tell me “this one is about to die”, well thanks for letting me be the one to pull the trigger.

I have done that, 1000 times now and it’s time for me to focus on the homes these dogs need.

I am tired of seeing them without families and adventures. I am tired of seeing them here just passing time. It’s tired of them not having enough space or people time because we have so many.

Please adopt. I’m begging you to please adopt and please try to make it work! Every time I get a dog back because you can’t keep him in a fence not only costs more money, but it costs two lives. I UNDERSTAND THAT LIFE HAPPENS. Well guess what, when your “life happens” it means another husky LIFE ENDS.

You understand that right?

We need to do better, we need to commit better, we need to make this work. Their lives depend on it. Together, till they all have homes.

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So Cute!

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Every dog you have is BEAUTIFUL and all need to find an adoptive parent/s and a forever home 🏠. I love my Lexie and would love to adopt another, but Lexie is a one dog home. I have some really aggressive interests. So many Huskies and Malamutes in our neighborhood. Let’s get some more great homes for these one of a kind dogs!🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹


Beautiful all of them ❤️ They all deserve loving homes 🏡 ❤️

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