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Good Morning!

Here is your good morning kiss from Miss Torri. Ok guys, I have a very seriously crappy problem. It’s bad. I need advice. Productive solid advice. No home version gardening suggestions. I need you to reach out to that scientist or environmentalist that you know because the solution to the problem is going to need to be big otherwise, our crappy problem will shut us down. Every garbage company in town and the county has now denied H3 service. Sues Recyling is horrible, horrible. I had service for more than 3 years, never missing a payment and one day they just decide to dump us, picked up the dumpster and threw all the garbage on the ground. Sues Recycling sucks and their service sucks and they are just horrible all around. The land fill has also decided that they won’t take it.

So, what do I do? I literally have 500 piles a day to deal with and without a solution H3 will literally close. So, if you know, help me. What do the big city shelters do? What about vet clinics? Think large scale and help meee…Any good, productive ideas that will help this situation because guys, it’s bad. Obviously composting it is the answer, but how and what’s the best way to do it? We cannot mix leaves into 500 piles of poop a day. I need a bigger solution. Will the septic pump guys take it? Cause then I could drop a concrete tank and have it pumped??? HELP!!! If I cannot find a solution, I will literally have to restructure the rescue. PLEASE HELP! #crap #poopproblems #huskyrescue

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Beautiful baby! As well as the current owner ❣️


For every two shovels full of dog waste, add at least one shovel full of sawdust or other carbon material. Mix thoroughly after every time you add. Every few days you can add a shovel full of old compost on to the pile to speed up digestion. If you are just beginning then you can use soil from your garden.


Composting .....see

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