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Briar Rose is Safe


She is on her way home!!! I swear to God if you adopt one of my dogs and cannot put the amount of effort my own team puts to keep them safe THEN DONT APPLY.

My girl has been out there for weeks STARVING. If you cannot give them what we do then please, please quit making their lives worse! When you make a decision to rescue a dog, you rescue them, not force the rescue to re rescue them.

My girl is safe. Finally, I can breathe again.

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Thank you for this update! I’m so relieved to see! She was starving? Couldn’t find anyone that would feed her? So sad. I’m sure she’ll eat and then sleep for a day or two having been on guard for her life. I can imagine the level of distress you all were in while she was missing. I just hope they don’t chain her up to keep her in their domain…..😘. Sending prayers this will work out well❣️


Awesome!!!!! Awesome!

I’m thrilled to read this! You guys go!!! Your hearts are in the right place! Love you all!


WHY are people SO irresponsible?! There is no excuse. Grow up people & get responsible!!! I agree!! Don’t rescue if you can’t be an adult. This is so ridiculous & makes me so angry!! Glad she is safe.


Bellisima Benelli
Bellisima Benelli

Yayyyy!!! Thank God she is safe and on her way back home 🥰🥰🥰❣️

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