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Azul Returned

Allergic to the kisses. This kid does live to give kisses.

Honestly, it’s no one’s fault, not his and not new moms. After breaking out in hives and seeing a doc for an allergy test it was determined that Azul was just not going to be the right fit. This happens guys. It’s no ones fault. If my husky doesn’t work out for any reason, any reason at all, then we will come and pick them up. I can’t always do it immediately, but we will make arrangements to make it happen. In the meantime, this lazy boy, who will jump your 6 foot fence, would make a great apartment dog and or couch buddy.

He is ready to go home, right now.

Apply here to adopt Azul.

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1 Comment

Blake Winter
Blake Winter
Aug 27, 2023

A lazy husky who wants to hang out on the couch and kiss me all day? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!

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