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10 Huskies...

A 10. On a scale of 1 to woo, yesterday was a 10.

I’m not crying, BTW, because today will be another SOLID 10.

A full heart right here. 10 times more than it was yesterday. 10 boys. 10’s of thousands of babies prevented. 10 huskies, now ready for 10 new homes.

AND A 10k match.

I’m serious guys, One of my families has offered to match up to 10k if I can raise the other 10 by the 10th. That’s exactly one week.

I am calm, stay calm, Jen. I know I just asked for money for spay and neuters but this will put solid walls around it.

I am going to do my best to not constantly bombard you to throw every penny into the quarantine kennel pot that could potentially get us to 20k, until Monday. Because by then I won’t be calm. Unless we can match it before then.

I am not crying. At all. We can do this! Even 1 single dollar from each of you will make this happen.

Britney and I will keep track of the donations coming in. They can come in any avenue. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle and FB. We will combine all together to get that 10k match.

My heart is so, so full. Every single time we all come together to make this clinic grow, we get that much closer to the goal, saving them all.

Let’s do this!! Till they all have homes. Venmo | Jenni Dietsch Paypal email- @huskyhalfwayhouse

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