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Welcome to the pack. We are so glad you are here. It going to be an amazing adventure. Don't forget that H3 is your resource for all things husky. We are here for you like you want to be there for our husky. Together, till they all have homes. Cancel your pack membership anytime. Just let me know what's going on before you do. If you are housing a halfway husky and would like to permanently adopt him or her and were using this plan, the full amount must be paid if it has not yet been reached. Our adoption fee is $400 which covers some of the costs related to vetting husky before he goes home. Each halfway husky is microchipped, spayed or neutered, up to date on all shots and healthy. Unless otherwise noted. If you are fostering a halfway husky, please allow time to arrange transport and return any items belonging to husky and H3.

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