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Husky Halfway House


A Pack Leadership Based Husky Rescue 

We are committed and wholeheartedly dedicated to the rescue, rehab and rehoming of Siberian huskies in puppy mills, shelters and abusive situations. Husky Halfway House Foundation works with authorities to assist in puppy mill cases by providing transport, housing, rehab and rehoming of the puppy mill victims and those that suffer around them.

From 2020 to 2022, H3 has successfully rescued over 130 huskies from puppy mill situations alone and over 700 total in all cases since starting in 2019..

Our mission is to share our knowledge on the pros of spay and neuter, the consequences of puppy mills and back yard breeding, and provide advice and services that help owners of puppy mills and backyard breeders as well as the community find solution to the root of the problems at hand. The uneducated, unwanted breeding of animals for monetary gain, regardless of the welfare of the animal.

Together, we can greatly reduce the number of unaltered, un-vaccinated animals in our communities and put a dent in the homeless population by putting a stop to puppy mills and back yard breeding operations.

We are a 501c3 public charity organized in the state of Oklahoma.  

Every husky in our rescue is fully vetted to include spay/neuter, vaccines, and microchips. They are then integrated into the pack, socialized in small groups in constant rotation for evaluation purposes, loved and cared for in a pack leadership based family, then adopted into their new forever homes based on our newfound knowledge of each huskies personality and behaviors.

Please check out our Available Halfway Husky page to learn more about the huskies here that are available for adoption and the heartwarming stories on the ones that have already found their forever homes. 

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