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Husky Halfway House


A Pack Leadership Based Husky Rescue 

We focus on the rescue, evaluation, socialization, and rehoming of huskies who are stuck in shelters, at risk of being abused, or end up in homes that are not ready/ equipped for such a high maintenance breed. 

Every husky in our rescue is fully vetted to include spay/neuter, vaccines, and microchips. They are then integrated into the pack, socialized in small groups in constant rotation for evaluation purposes, loved and cared for in a pack leadership based family, then adopted into their new forever homes based on our newfound knowledge of each huskies personality and behaviors.

Please check out our Available Halfway Husky page to learn more about the huskies here that are available for adoption and the heartwarming stories on the ones that have already found their forever homes. 


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One Time Gift

$100 pays to spay/neuter one husky, value of future lives saved...priceless.

Monthly Giving

Can you commit to a monthly gift? Join our sponsorship program! 

In Kind

If you are unable to donate money, consider donating supplies!

In Memory

Honor your loved one by saving lives with a donation in their name.

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Life Saving Apparel

Designed and decorated by us, with tons of love, care, and a little bit of husky hair.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of our apparel goes to the animals in our care.