Welcome to Husky Halfway House

where huskies and other nordic breeds are rescued from shelters, the streets and from abusive situations.

 Here at Husky Halfway House, every husky is evaluated, rehabilitated, socialized,

fully vetted to include spay/neuter, vaccines and microchips, loved and cared for like family

and then adopted into their new forever homes.

Please check out our Halfway Husky page to learn more about the huskies here that are available for adoption and the heart warming stories on the one's that have already found their forever homes. 

We are committed and wholeheartedly dedicated to providing family and emergency services involving rescuing, sheltering, fostering, vetting, adoption and transportation of

"at risk" or "death row" husky and other large dog breeds.

Our goal is to not only provide these services in larger facilities than we currently have but also to use our resources to educate and raise public awareness on the benefits of properly caring for and keeping their pets and/or adopting from shelters and not shopping from breeders.

Our mission is to share our knowledge on the pro's of spay and neuter, the cons of backyard breeding and provide sound advice and services that help the community manage their day to day with their furry family members. Together, we can greatly reduce the number of unaltered, unvaccinated animals in our communities and put a dent in the homeless population by providing access to family services as well as spay, neuter and chip id programs.

We are a 501c3 public charity organized in the state of Oklahoma.

Your donation is tax deductible



 Let's build a dog park!! Project Bark Park

IS NOW IN PLANNING PHASE for the shelter and off leash dog park.

Please help us build faster by donating, volunteering, sponsoring and sharing our efforts so we can begin our journey of building a community facility that will allow us to

~keep our pets healthy,

~build community and business relationships,

~provide support for our neighbors,

~provide community service opportunities,

~hold community and educational events

~provide volunteer opportunities

~jobs, we can provide jobs

~and so much more...

all focused on improving the welfare of our communities pets,

their people, our cities homeless animal population

and the people who are their voice. 


More details on our blog 

contact huskyhalfwayhouse@gmail.com to learn how you can help


Project Bark Park is dedicated to Marie and her husband Charlie, AKA, the Candy Man,

who left this life way too soon on November 21st, 2019, just 21 days shy of his 75th birthday.

We are a 501c3 NOT FOR PROFIT Corporation

organized in the state of Oklahoma 

which means your donations are tax deductible.


We pledge that 100% of your donations go to running our shelter, Husky Halfway House and our community facilities, Bark Park Eufaula, and to providing low to no cost help for those in need of vaccination, spay/neuter, family support and chip id services but cannot afford to do so.

Husky Halfway House

Till they all have homes..

Life Saving Apparel

Designed and decorated by us, right here inside Husky Halfway House,

with tons of love and a little bit of husky hair.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of our apparel goes to the care of our huskies.

click on any photo to be taken to the order page

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Husky Halfway House



mailing address

121130 S 4180 Rd

Eufaula, OK 74432

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