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Pawtographed copies only! If you would like one that does not have a pawtograph, please order from our Amazon store. Just type Jenni Dietsch into the search bar.


The demand for our first book was amazing. During the pre-sale we sold all 200 copies in under 12 hours. Originally pawtographed copies were only going to be included with those copies but so many people have been asking for a Pawtograph that we decided to make it available in our store all of the time! For an additonal $25 will get your book pawtographed by one of the huskies IN the book. Myka, Lotus, Dusty, Neo or Rusty. So far Myka has been the most cooperative. You will recieve a separate receipt for your tax deductible donation. Just add the Pawtograph to your order in the drop down menu.  Every dime of the proceeds go to the huskies.


Last year during one of my Rescue Rides I stopped at Pine Ridge Siberians to meet Cassandra and her pack. I thought it would be cool to bring my own personal pack up there and have hers teach mine how to mush.


Since bringing them wasn’t actually possible, we decided to write a children’s book about it.


In our book, the halfway huskies take a shot at learning how to mush in hopes that it gets them adopted much more quickly. There is humor, adventure, education and AMAZING illustrations by Cameo Anderson, based on my own huskies as well as Cassandra’s. After all. It’s her huskies that teach us how to mush!

Come along with us on our first journey into teaching humans kids about huskies and how they are known for being snow dogs and how there are so many of them out there needing homes.


And it’s almost done . It will be ready to share with all of you soon! This is our pre-sale, so only 200 copies are going to be available but we will have more at a later date!

Mushing Halfway Home

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