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Who Has Cooler Content Than Me?

Lots. But I rank my work up there pretty high. Agree?

The huskies and I are looking for a BFF. A creative one.

People are making millions on social media creating interesting content that you, me and everyone on the planet is feasting off of. To date, H3’s existence has been funded mainly through social media. It pays the bills! And without it, we would NOT have grown to what we are now.

So, I need help! I have way more content than I can keep up with. There is so much I want you all to know. I do not have the skills to do more than what I have done and it's time to raise the bar a bit.

Are you a content creator, videographer and or marketing guru? Ohh, how about a production/media company?

-I am looking for a partner OR an employee that can help me produce content for social media. Help me tell their stories. If you think you have the skills to make us those millions then be a partner and get paid too. -I need someone that can be at the rescue a minimum of 2 full days a week plus events, a full time gig. -We must be on the same mission. -it’s a full time paying job. Or a partnership of you are bigger than that. Message the Facebook page if you want to chat.

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I am going to ask around for a SM whiz kid who can help even if remote.

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