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Well, hello there handsome!

Do you guys remember this face? This is Lobo and he came back to us a few months ago as his adoptive family wasn't working out. Like many huskies, he is a bit of an escape artist. Four-foot fences are not going to cut it for this dude. Other than that, Lobo is seriously perfect.

He is three years old and gets along with all of the packs here at the rescue. He likes to play but is also calm and gentle.

All he wants is affection and attention. And he has developed an absolutely adorable method of getting it. Lobo has decided that the best way to get the belly rubs, is to do a flop. He makes sure that someone is watching him when he does his flop/roll over because that pretty much guarantees some loving.

This boy is a love bug.

Seriously. He loves people. He loves other dogs. He loves treats and toys and he loves beds. And unlike a lot of male dogs, he doesn't lift his leg in the house. Because he loves being inside with people.

Lobo is a delightful dog who deserves a loving home. If you're looking for a loyal companion who will shower you with love and brighten your days, Lobo is your guy!

Lobo is currently located at Husky Halfway House in Oklahoma. All H3 dogs, including Lobo, are available for adoption throughout the USA, except for Hawaii and Alaska. We offer transportation services directly to your door upon approval of your application. To apply, please visit our website.

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Beautiful bi-eyed Lobo, someone will scoop you up honey! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Prayers for a furever home for Lobo. 🤗

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