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Want to see a great view of the rescue?

Check it out... just 4 years ago this was all bare land. Thank you for helping me get here.

Now let's build a spay clinic for the community! Then a dog park... and a farmers market.. ohhh and a BMX track. I have plenty of space and highway frontage. Maybe if we teach the kids how to take better care of their animals, we really could change the future. We could do that, you know.. change the future. It doesnt HAVE to be just a dream.

This is what I am capable of and I am just getting started. I am still looking for a business partner, this thing is way too big for me. Reach out if you want to help me change the future in a very big way. ~ Jenni D - HBIC #watchh3grow #growth #thefuture #huskyrescue #huskylife #hbic

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