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Tomorrow will be 1 week since we once again took all of the red listed huskies from Apple Valley Animal shelter.

Tomorrow, we will do it again.

Tomorrow, Mike will roll into CA and pull 4 huskies from AVAS, 2 from SBC and 5 huskies from Avenal animal shelters, all huskies about to get their lives back.

Tomorrow there will be more than 50 huskies on my property waiting for spay and neuter appts.

Tomorrow my vet will come here to H3 and neuter 20 of these boys.

Tomorrow, I will write her a check for $3000.

Tomorrow is going to be a big, expensive day and I plan to go live and show you guys why I am asking for donations.

15 huskies last week, 15 huskies the week before, 11 huskies this week and another 4 from shelters in Oklahoma. It's never ending.

Today, we really need your help guys, we need you to donate. We want to keep pulling the huskies off that horrible list, but we need donations, and we need homes.

Please help. Today. Because tomorrow is always going to come for us. Always. We can't do it alone. Together, till they all have homes.

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