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This Week's Raffle Can Only Be Entered One Way

Our friends at Buddha's Cup are the ones providing this week's raffle prize, that you can only get entries for by sending us some dog food! We are also going to give our winner one of our soft, cuddly and super cute "May My Coffee Be Stronger Than My Huskies' Attitude" H3 hoodies! Which you can personalize anyway that you want! Here are the links to our wish lists. I am not including Amazon right now because they have not fixed their technical issues and are cancelling orders that go over quantity limits (even if someone orders only one thing)!

Chewy Wish List

Walmart Wish List

Please remember to send your receipts or a screen shot to to get your raffle ticket! And I will be updating these lists as we go, so if something is missing just let me know in the comments. We appreciate it so much! And seriously, if you find a dog food that doesn't have dyes in it (like Purina One, Purina Pro Plan, Diamond Naturals, Victor, 4health, or Eukanuba) that is cheaper somewhere else that you shop and you want to send it to us, that is great! Our shipping address is 121130 S 4180 Rd Eufaula Oklahoma 74432.

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Order is in and will be there Tuesday the 13th.

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